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The main harvest season for apricots has begun (July - August) and that's why we at Hello Sue want to tell you what makes apricot kernel oil so valuable and special as a base oil for our products. We take you on a journey from the history, to the extraction, to how this very special oil works.


The apricot tree has its origins in China, where it has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. However, it is often assumed that the plant comes from Armenia, which is where its botanical name (Prunus armeniaca) comes from. The Romans brought the 6-10 meter high cold-resistant tall plant to Europe. The fruits are grown in most Mediterranean countries. The largest European growing area is now in Turkey, where the apricot kernel oil for Hello Sue products is also obtained.


After the apricots are harvested, they are dried and then the stones are removed. The cores are first checked for quality. Only if they are flawless are they used for further production of apricot kernel oil. The apricot kernels are cold pressed, which creates the oil. The oil is often then refined so that it has a longer shelf life. The gentle refining also filters out impurities, odors, yeasts, bacteria - whatever could cause skin problems.


A symbol of youth and beauty, it is not difficult to guess that the yellow-golden enzyme-rich oil of apricot fruits is a miracle cure for the skin. Whether used as a facial oil, hand cream, body oil or massage oil, the effect is always soft and silky-smooth skin thanks to the moisturizing properties of linoleic acid. It is particularly ideal for sensitive skin and is very gentle and can even have a positive effect on acne, as it softens the hardening of blackheads and makes them easier to remove.
Thanks to its many enzymes, apricot kernel oil is a natural rejuvenator. Age spots can fade with regular use. The oil has a healing and protective effect on damaged areas of skin, such as sunburn. Apricot kernel oil also soothes the skin in contact dermatitis and helps against severe itching and burning.
But apricot kernel oil is not only used in cosmetics, but also in... It is used in homeopathy, aromatherapy or in the kitchen. The aroma of apricot kernel oil is reminiscent of almonds and is therefore also used to make Persipan, a marzipan-like mass, or is sometimes added to salads.

That's why we love apricot kernel oil at Hello Sue

If we Susanne When we ask our creative mind behind our products why she chose apricot kernel oil as one of our main base oils, we get the following answer: “Well, first of all, I love the tenderness and feel of the fruit. It is so lovely and suits women and men alike. The apricot kernel oil has all the attributes that I expect from a base oil, for example it is shallow, mild and good for sensitive skin.”

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