Unsere FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our products? Then you've come to the right place on this page, because there are answers here! If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are of course welcome to contact us by phone or email at any time.

Our products

What makes your products so special?

There are now so many natural cosmetics brands on the market that you may have wondered what makes Hello Sue products different from other natural cosmetics products. We are firmly convinced that good skin care is one thing above all: holistic. For us, this means that we do not only regard the skin as a pure surface, but in close connection with body and mind. You can find out exactly what we mean by that and how our dear Susanne follows this thought with every product in our blog post "Holistic skin care and what we mean by it".

Do the oils absorb quickly?

The oils that we use for our products all have a very light texture and are therefore absorbed into the skin relatively quickly. Of course, this always depends a little on the individual skin condition, for example whether it is very dry or rather greasy. Therefore, approach your personal needs by starting with a small amount and increasing it if necessary.

Can the essential oils irritate my skin?

Essential oils are plant compounds in high concentrations. If you have sensitive skin, this can sometimes cause skin irritation, especially when used undiluted. Of course, we have taken this into account with the Hello Sue products and kept the respective concentration very low. This allows the essential oils to develop their great scent and its effect on your senses without irritating your skin.

But the same applies here: Every skin type is individual and therefore irritation can still occur occasionally. So please test the oil on the inside of your arm first to make sure you can tolerate it. If this is not the case, you can send the product back to us and get a full refund! You can find the details here.

I have oily and impure skin. Are your oils suitable for me at all?

The assumption that oil-based products are unsuitable for oily and impure skin is widespread. While this fear is understandable, it is unfounded. In fact, the opposite is the case: care products containing oil signal to the skin that there is already enough oil and that sebum production can thus be regulated. Oil-based impurities such as sebum, but also make-up residues, are wonderfully dissolved from the pores by oil. In this way, your skin is optimally cleaned and can also benefit from an improved and healthy appearance in the long term.

The Hello Sue products are therefore suitable for all skin types - even for oily and impure skin.

I suffer from neurodermatitis. Can I still use your products?

There is no general answer to this question, since neurodermatitis is a very complex skin disease that can have different causes and manifestations. In principle, however, there is nothing wrong with using our products for neurodermatitis. Ours in particular Deep Repair Face Oil is very suitable for inflamed and stressed skin!

As always, the same applies here: Please test the oil on the inside of your arm first to make sure you can tolerate it. If this is not the case, you can send the product back to us and get a full refund! You can find the details here.

Can I take the oils with me when I travel or travel without spilling them in my bag?

You can take our products with you without hesitation when you travel or just go to the nearest sauna. However, make sure that you close the bottle head properly beforehand by turning it to the left. We also recommend that you put the supplied cap back on before storing the oil in your bag. In order to protect the glass bottles during transport, it is also advisable to cushion them with a suitable material - for example in old newspaper or a used towel / T-shirt. And then it says: Hello Sue, hello world!

your grooming routine

I have never used natural cosmetics before. What do I have to consider when I switch to your products?

If you have only used conventional care products up to now, your skin first has to get used to our products. Therefore, before using it for the first time, test it on the inside of your arm to prevent possible skin irritation.

Please also take into account that the effects of our products only become apparent after repeated use, as your skin first has to get used to the new composition of the care product. Such a change can take an entire regeneration cycle, i.e. 28 days on average.

What oil would you recommend me to start with?

Basically, each of our products is suitable for your new care routine with Hello Sue. We therefore recommend that you use our oils in Mini Size (5ml) to try out: The small testers are ideal for trying out our different oils and finding your new favorite - or several! Or you choose them Face & Body Mini Collection, our favorite set for face & body, which is also wonderful to try out due to the smaller sizes (30ml).

Your products do not contain sunscreen. How can I still integrate this into my care routine?

UV protection is of course incredibly important for your skin, and not just in summer. Unfortunately, due to the solubility of UV filters, it is very complicated to accommodate them in oil-based products, which is why our products do not provide sufficient sun protection. We therefore recommend that you use additional sun protection. The so-called "layering method" is best suited for this: First you apply one of our oils, let it work for a short time and then use the sunscreen of your choice.

I am pregnant and interested in your products. Which one would you reccomend?

As the name suggests, ours Mum & Baby Oil tailored to the special needs of pregnant women, mothers and babies. It protects and regenerates the cells so that the skin barrier remains stable and important moisture cannot be lost. This makes it ideal for preventing stretch marks on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks and legs during pregnancy. After pregnancy, it also supports the regression of the abdomen. And if you still have some of the beautiful oil left, you can use it to really pamper your baby's sensitive skin!

What do I have to consider immediately after using your products?

Our facial oils in particular need a short moment to be completely absorbed by the skin. Wearers of glasses should therefore wait a little before putting their glasses back on so that they do not get oily and start to slip.

Lens wearers should also make sure that the contact lenses do not come into contact with the product, otherwise they can become milky and can no longer be cleaned.

After applying our Vitalizing Feet Balms you should put on a pair of socks, otherwise there is a risk of slipping on slippery floors. Instead, you can of course just put your feet up and wait until the balm has fully absorbed.

I have an allergic reaction to one of your products. What should I do now? Do I have to go to the doctor for this?

Unfortunately, it can always happen that someone does not tolerate certain ingredients and has an allergic reaction to them. Therefore, we recommend that you first try our products on the inside of your forearm first before using it on your face or whole body. Should an allergic reaction nevertheless occur, please stop using the product in question. If the rash is very large or painful, or if you are very concerned about it, please see a dermatologist and have him or her assess it.

Of course, in this case we will also refund you the money for the purchased product. You can find all the details here.

The ingredients & their shelf life

Are your products really sustainable?

Absolutely! All our products are produced and bottled in Germany. We only use natural oils and deliberately avoid alcohol, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Our products are also vegan and free from animal testing and microplastics.

What are natural essential oils?

A naturally pure oil comes 100 percent from the respective parent plant. It is therefore natural and is not changed, for example by adding or subtracting something. The composition is always subject to natural fluctuations, depending on e.g. climate, soil conditions, harvest time and type of cultivation.

We only use natural essential oils for our products.

How long do your products keep?

Due to the careful composition of the ingredients and the violet glass packaging, which optimally protects against light and other external influences, our products have a shelf life of 30 months or more when closed. Once opened, we recommend using it within 12 months.

A layer of oil has formed on the surface of my Calming Face Mask. What does that mean?

When you open the mask jar and remove the security seal, a layer of oil may have formed underneath. This is completely normal and serves to provide additional protection for the mask. It is best to stir the mass with a small spatula until it is homogeneous again. Then you can apply them.

Are your products suitable for consumption?

Although our products look and smell delicious and are made from all-natural ingredients, they are not intended to be eaten.