Our ingredients

As you have probably already learned, all of our products, including our masks and balms, consist largely of oils. Our oils are 100% natural, water-free and therefore also free from any synthetic preservatives, parabens, mineral plastics and oils and anything else that is bad for the skin and nature. For each product we combine base oils with premium quality essential oils so that our creations not only have an effect on the skin, but also an aromatherapeutic effect on our senses.

Our water-free formula

Why we don't use water in our products

At Hello Sue we have chosen a water-free formula because water in cosmetics has no useful role for your skin - quite the opposite. In the end, the recipe formula always follows: The more water, the more preservatives or alcohol the cosmetic product needs and the more damage it does to your skin. Because of our water-free formula, we can preserve naturally with vitamin E (tocopherol) .

Find out more about the base oils we use as carrier oils for our products.

About our base oils

Find out more about the essential oils that we combine with our base oils and their effect on the skin and senses.

About our essential oils