Sue's Story

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“The human body is a gift that, when we appreciate, love and accept it, carries us wonderfully through life.” – Sue

This sentence describes the philosophy and values ​​behind Hello Sue. We designed our products with a lot of love and care using natural ingredients and always made sure to select and put them together according to yin and yang. The result is wonderful essential oils that harmonize perfectly with the base oils and thus ensure a holistic well-being that truly gets under the skin.

Between meadows, forests & the world

Susanne, the creative force behind Hello Sue, has lived this approach for a long time. As a child, she connected deeply with nature, roaming with her grandmother through Upper Swabian forests and meadows, making tinctures from flowers and herbs and learning a lot about nature.

In her youth, Susanne moved far away, from England to Australia to South America. She was particularly fascinated by India, with its natural oils and captivating scents. But the desire to gain a professional foothold in Germany drove her back, where she began medical training. But she soon realized that this work did not fulfill her desires.

Back to Hamburg

She decided on physiotherapy and came to Hamburg in the 1980s, where she finally felt at home. In the following years she learned holistic methods such as reflexology and Chinese acupuncture. Additional training as a Pilates trainer and alternative practitioner rounded off her professional profile. After seven years in her new home, her happiness was complete when her son Felix was born.

From vision to reality

Sue was looking for more natural alternatives to traditional massage oils and lotions. She developed her own, vegan, water-free oil creations with nourishing and revitalizing effects.

Her holistic approach emphasized the skin as a mirror of the inside and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This concept caught on and demand for their oils increased.

A friend was so excited about the "heavenly oils" that he encouraged Sue to think bigger. Together with their son Felix and his wife Lena, they developed the vision of a sustainable cosmetics brand. They paid attention to sustainability in every production step, during transport and sales. Her hard work on the recipe, packaging and design brought the vision of Hello Sue to reality.

The future begins today

Today Susanne is proud of what they have created together. But above all, she and her family share the same values ​​when it comes to nature and sustainability - not only Felix and daughter-in-law Lena, but also her granddaughter. Because like Susanne once did at her grandmother's side, Ella is already developing her own oil compositions.

This is how the story of Hello Sue continues to be written chapter by chapter. We are already excited about each one of them and would be happy if you want to be a part of it!