"The human body is a gift that - if we appreciate, love and accept it - carries us wonderfully through life."
– Susanne

This phrase describes the philosophy and values behind Hello Sue put. We have designed our products with a lot of love and care for natural ingredients and always made sure to select and put them together according to yin and yang. The result is wonderful essential oils that harmonize perfectly with the base oils and thus ensure holistic well-being that really gets under your skin.

The roots between meadows and forests

Susanne, the creative mind and good soul behind Hello Sue, has been following this approach for a long time. Even as a child, she felt a deep connection and appreciation for nature: Together with her grandmother, she roamed through the Upper Swabian forests and meadows, made her own tinctures from flowers and herbs she had collected, and learned a lot about nature in the process.

Later in her youth, Susanne was drawn to faraway places: from England to Australia to South America, she made her way through the world. In particular, the country of longing India triggered a great fascination in her, not least because of the natural oils and the wonderful scents, which are an important part of an entire culture there. The desire to stay was great - but the desire to pursue a career in her home country was greater. So Susanne moved back to Germany, where she began training in the medical field. But it soon became clear that the work there could not satisfy what her heart was longing for.

So Susanne decided to reorient herself and devoted herself to physiotherapy from then on. So she came to Hamburg in the early 1980s – and stayed: “I finally felt like I had arrived in Hamburg. The energies of this special city gave me wings and inspired me.” In the years that followed, she learned holistic methods such as reflexology and Chinese acupuncture. Additional training to become a Pilates trainer and naturopath is increasingly forming part of the job description. After a total of seven years in her new home, Susanne's son Felix was born and made her happy.

From vision to reality

For her work with body and mind, Susanne initially used the conventional massage oils and lotions that were available on the market at the time. However, these do not quite meet her requirements and ideas - she wants products with a close connection to nature that actually keep what they promise. So Susanne thinks back to her passion and starts – like she did as a young girl – to experiment with different ingredients and use them to create her very own oil creations. The result is sensual and purely natural compositions with a nurturing, regenerating and revitalizing effect, all of which are vegan and water-free. In doing so, Susanne not only concentrates on the product itself, but follows a holistic approach: the skin as the surface for its inner being, which must also be cared for and protected in combination with a healthy lifestyle consisting of correct nutrition and physical exercise. A concept that also convinces others. And so the demand for Susanne's oils is increasing.

A friend of hers is also so impressed by the “heavenly oils”, as he enthusiastically calls them, that he encourages Susanne to think bigger. And she does, together with her son Felix and his wife Lena. Their common vision: to develop a cosmetics brand that not only sells sustainability, but also lives it. And taken into account in every single step of manufacture, transport and sale. So they tinker with the recipe, packaging and design until their vision becomes reality - and the name Hello Sue carries.

The future starts today

Today, Susanne is proud of what they have created together. Above all, however, that she and her family share the same values when it comes to nature and sustainability - not only Felix and daughter-in-law Lena, but also her granddaughter. Because like Susanne once did at her grandmother's side, Ella is already developing her own oil compositions.

This is how the story of Hello Sue Written chapter by chapter. We are already excited about each and every one of them and look forward to you wanting to be a part of it!