Skin Story: Viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit und Liebe

Skin Story: Much more attention and love

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Photo by @marielena_hanakam

Our dear @marielena_hanakam is a yoga teacher in Frankfurt am Main and offers wonderful retreats in wonderful natural places. We would love to pack up our yoga mat straight away and take it to the mountains. Before Hello Sue, Marielena never had a real skincare routine in her everyday life - she is all the happier now that she gives her skin and body much more love and attention every day with our Balancing Body Oil & Feet Balm :

“I generally use very few care/cosmetic products. Before Hello Sue, I had never really used oils on my skin or even products on my feet. Thanks to Hello Sue, I now give my body and especially my feet a lot more attention and love. I have integrated my own little care routine into my everyday life - me time for myself and my body!

The FeetBalm is my absolute favorite product. I haven't really paid any attention to my feet and haven't taken much care of them, other than painting my toenails. After trying the product for the first time, I was already impressed. My feet immediately felt much softer. From the first use I noticed a difference. As a yoga teacher, my feet are put under a lot of strain, so it's even nicer for me to have well-groomed feet and to give them more attention from now on - they definitely deserve it!

I also think the Balancing Body Oil is really great! My body absorbs the oil really well and feels so much nicer and softer afterwards! I prefer to incorporate the products into my everyday life in the evening. I love taking a hot shower after a yoga session and then pampering my body with the Balacing Body Oil and my feet with the FeetBalm. This allows the products to absorb wonderfully overnight.

So many thanks to Hello Sue, you have totally changed my view of care products, my skin and also my everyday care routine - for the better!”

Thank you, dear @marielena_hanakam , for your wonderful feedback.

Photo by @marielena_hanakam

Good to know: Sue's revitalizing recipe

For Sue it is important that only the ingredients that the skin needs go into our oils and balms. “Less is more for your skin,” she always tells us, “because it can do so many things on its own.”

In our Feetbalm you will find a recipe that gently cares for your feet, but also has a circulation-promoting and cooling effect with the help of spearmint, spearmint and babassus oil. Babassus oil also has a regenerative and stabilizing effect on the skin barrier, making it particularly suitable for dry skin, which is often found especially on our feet. Jojoba oil retains moisture and regulates the skin's sebum production. This special oil protects the skin from external influences thanks to its high content of fatty substances and vitamin E. When used regularly, it helps stressed and dry feet become supple and elastic. The rosehip seed oil it contains also has an anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating effect on your feet. Sue chose sunflower oil as the base oil, which strengthens the skin barrier and retains moisture at the same time.

You notice that the formula of our Vitalizing Feet Balm consists of so many good ingredients, the combined effect of which gives your feet a lot of protection and care. It is a balance of miraculous powers from nature that gives your feet the lightness they need so much as they carry us through the world every day.

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