Skin Story: Glow statt Schmirgelpapier

Skin Story: Glow instead of sandpaper

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Photo by Tabea Sophia

The lovely Tabea @iamtabeasophia told us how she integrates our Deep Repair Face Oil into her evening routine and what positive effects it has on her skin. We would like to share such wonderful praise with you:

“My skin is one thing above all: dry. And that in every season. She doesn't care how much I peel and cream - she's only too happy to stay demanding.

That's why I started incorporating Hello Sue's Deep Repair Face Oil into my evening routine. I cleanse my face with a little water and then apply the oil. Super simple, but also super effective. As soon as I apply it, I can feel my skin becoming softer and getting that certain shimmer. I also love the floral smell of geranium.

When I get up the next morning, the oil is completely absorbed and my skin is perfectly moisturized.

After three weeks I can happily say: I hardly have any pimples anymore and certainly no dry spots anymore. For me it's now 'glow instead of sandpaper'."

@iamtabeasophia Thank you for your kind words.

Photo by Tabea Sophia

Good to know: Sue's powerful recipe

For the Deep Repair Face Oil, Susanne chose a very powerful combination of base oils and essential oils.

Apricot kernel oil and olive oil are ideal base oils for demanding and needy skin that is prone to dryness, irritation or impurities. Both oils contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids that protect against dehydration and free radicals by strengthening the skin's protective barrier. In addition, apricot kernel oil, as well as the essential oils myrrh and frankincense it contains, not only have a wound-healing and cell-regenerating effect, but also antibacterial, which is particularly ideal for impure skin.

Like all of our products, our Deep Repair Face Oil goes deep under the skin in that the essential oils not only have the aforementioned effect on the skin, but also touch and stimulate your senses. The special composition of frankincense, palmarosa and myrrh oil has an emotionally balancing, calming and stimulating effect on your senses.

A recipe that goes deep under the skin with all its effectiveness and only gives it good things from nature!

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