Skin Story: Deep Repair für Narben

Skin Story: Deep Repair for Scars

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The lovely is a yoga teacher and has recently started her own podcast Om & Out , which we were also able to visit. As a yoga teacher, Caro has a very careful connection to her body, which is why she struggled even more with her scars after her appendectomy. We are incredibly happy that her scars began to heal after using our Deep Repair Oil and that Caro found her love for her body again:

"After my appendectomy three months ago, for the first time in my life I no longer felt like I was in my own body. Suddenly there were these scars that weren't there just before, I felt powerless and vulnerable. Because of my new Skin Care Routine with your Deep Repair Oil, I have gradually managed to build a positive relationship with my stomach again and make peace with my scars. The oil not only smells really good, but nourishes my skin so richly that I am starting to heal week after week. And that gives me courage, self-confidence and satisfaction."

Dear - thank you very much for your words, we are very happy that our Deep Repair Oil was able to help you on your recovery path!

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Good to know: Sue's powerful recipe

For the no. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil, Susanne chose a very powerful combination of base oils and essential oils.

Apricot kernel oil and olive oil are ideal base oils for demanding and needy skin that is prone to dryness, irritation or impurities. Both oils contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids that protect against dehydration and free radicals by strengthening the skin's protective barrier. In addition, apricot kernel oil, as well as the essential oils myrrh and frankincense it contains, not only have a wound-healing and cell-regenerating effect, but also antibacterial, which is particularly ideal for impure skin, but also for scar care.

Like all of our products, our No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil deep under the skin, in which the essential oils not only have the aforementioned effect on the skin, but also touch and stimulate your senses. The special composition of frankincense, palmarosa and myrrh oil has an emotionally balancing, calming and stimulating effect on your senses.

A recipe that goes deep under the skin with all its effectiveness and only gives it good things from nature!

To our No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil :

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