Skin Story: Selbstliebe und Selbstwertschätzung

Skin Story: Self-love and self-esteem

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Photo by Julia Lee Goodwin

Uta is a yoga teacher from Berlin, loves nature and is constantly on the move dancing or walking. Her friends call her the self-care queen because she has consciously devoted herself to her body and skin from an early age. With Hello Sue & our No. 1 Balancing Body Oil she finally finds time for herself and her self-care in her stressful everyday life:

“In recent years I have had some hormonal skin problems. By consciously feeling and identifying why these imbalances also show up on the skin and why there isn't just one 'magic ointment' for everything, I was able to create more balance again. The skin, our largest organ, reflects our entire soul existence and our current condition - how we feel, what we consume, what food we eat, what environment we live in, etc. Finding a holistic understanding of myself and my skin has helped me a lot with that. Learning to set my personal boundaries, consciously taking time off in a strong performance society – to name just a few examples. These are all small but important factors that contribute to the health of our skin.

Now I'm very happy that I discovered Hello Sue for myself and my skin.

I love the scents and associated aromatherapy, the quality and consistency of the products. Although I love many products like the Feet Balm, my absolute favorite is the Balancing Body Oil . I love the ylang ylang nuances of the oil. Since Hello Sue, my skin has become noticeably softer and less dry. I prefer to use the Body Balancing Oil straight after showering to pamper my body. I also really like to use it for neck massage during Savasana in my yoga classes.

For me, what makes Hello Sue special is the quality of the essential oils and ingredients. In addition, the attention to detail is noticeable. The attractive and, for me, very aesthetic packaging alone fills my senses.

In short: Hello Sue means self-love and self-appreciation to me!” Thank you very much for your wonderful words!

Photo by William Hull

Good to know: Sue's balancing formula

Our No. 1 Balancing Body Oil not only has a very relaxing and balancing effect on your skin, but above all on your senses.

As a base, Susanne has once again chosen the combination of apricot kernel oil and olive oil, as this combination nourishes and protects your skin in a very gentle way. Both contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, so that your skin barrier is strengthened and the skin is protected from free radicals and dryness. Sue also chose vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects your cell membrane from free radicals and thus counteracts skin aging.

With a lot of expertise and knowledge, Susanne has created an essential oil composition that reaches deep under the skin and into your senses. The powerful balancing scents of cedarwood oil, sandalwood oil, lemongrass and bergamot oil have a unique, soothing, positive effect on your mood and at the same time, when combined, can have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating effect on your skin.

The absolute highlight is the ylang ylang oil. Anyone who has ever breathed in ylang ylang knows what I'm talking about. This scent goes deep into the body and embraces your soul, so that overall it has a very relaxing and balancing effect on your mood and gently brings you into balance.

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