Ganzheitliche Hautpflege und was wir darunter verstehen

Holistic skin care and what we mean by it

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When we look at our skin, we often only see what we can see with the naked eye: a surface made up of thousands of pores, some of which are dry and irritated, others oily and unclean, and others a bit of everything. We care for this surface with creams, serums and oils so that it becomes brighter, firmer and cleaner. And it's not uncommon for us to feel disappointed when all the supposed miracle weapons don't perform the miracles we'd hoped for so much.

What we often forget, however, is that the skin is so much more than just a surface. It envelops us, protects us and allows us to feel touch. It is the largest organ in the body and incredibly complex. Everything that happens around us and inside us can have an influence on the properties and appearance of our skin - for example factors such as diet and stress, or even hormone fluctuations. And often we are completely unaware of it. But it is precisely this awareness of the connection between body and mind that we want to create with our Hello Sue products. For us, holistic skin care means that we view the skin not just as a pure surface, but as a mirror of what is happening inside us: “If the soul is well, the body is also well,” says our love Susanne. “This idea is behind everything we do.”

How can you integrate more mindfulness and self-care into your everyday life with the help of our products?

Our care products are primarily designed to give your skin what it needs - for example intensive moisture retention or natural protection against external environmental influences. Of course, you can also influence the appearance of your skin by what you feed it from outside. We therefore attach great importance to only selecting high-quality and pure ingredients for our natural cosmetics, all of which are vegan, sustainable and free of questionable additives.

However, it is just as important to us to take your senses and their perception into account - because these can also be used to stimulate and increase your general well-being. In particular, the scents of the essential oils that we use for our products play an important role: via your nasal mucous membranes, these different scents reach directly into your limbic system, which acts as the center of your emotions and at the same time the seat of feelings, memory, creativity and motivation is. Here, the smells - also called olfactory stimuli - can release neurochemical substances such as endorphins or serotonin, which in turn can trigger beautiful memories, alleviate fear and tension and have a positive effect on your mood. Aromatherapy, for example, takes advantage of this property to have a lasting effect on physical and mental health with the help of essential oils. And for us, too, this natural yet unique interplay of externally recognizable and internally noticeable processes serves as the basis for the special effect of our products: a sense of well-being that truly gets under your skin.

But what do we mean by that – a sense of well-being that gets under your skin?

“Our oils touch the soul,” explains Susanne and adds with a smile: “If you let yourself get involved with it.” For some of us this is easier, for others it may be more difficult. And yet, according to Susanne, there is something that each of us can do to sharpen our awareness of our own well-being: “When we consciously breathe in and out, we connect our awareness with mindfulness. So we give ourselves completely to feeling.” A process that doesn’t always work overnight, but rather requires patience. And that is completely okay: “It needs repetition so that it can manifest itself. With regard to the oils, for example, this is the repeated use and perception of the scents as part of a personal routine,” explains Susanne. And adds with a smile: “Feel within yourself and try to find your own approach.”

We wish you lots of joy and success! We would be very happy if you shared your experiences with us! #hellosuehelloyou

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