Aprikosenkern- & Olivenöl: Das Herz unserer Produkte

Apricot kernel & olive oil: the heart of our products

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As you have probably already learned on our website, all of our products, including our masks and balms, consist largely of oils. Susanne discovered her fascination for this in India: In addition to numerous valuable properties, she also learned about the different scents and textures that are characteristic of each oil. And because this fascination has remained to this day, it was out of the question for Susanne to also use these wonderful oils for the Hello Sue product formulas.

You will find two of them in particular in almost all of our products today: apricot kernel oil and olive oil. We especially love these two ingredients! How come? Because they have so many wonderful properties that are really good for your skin and make them the perfect basis for our care.

Olive oil – pure enjoyment with a great effect

It is no longer a secret that olive oil not only tastes particularly good but also nourishes. Luckily - because it provides intensive moisture and contains lots of unsaturated fatty acids. Since the body cannot produce these itself, they are particularly important for humans.

The oil is also rich in polyphenols: These stimulate the microcirculation of your skin and fight aggressive free radicals, which in turn are responsible for premature aging of the skin. They also protect your collagen and elastin fibers from breakdown, tighten the tissue and inhibit the loss of the body's own hyaluronic acid. For you and your skin this means: fewer wrinkles, a firmer appearance and a fresher complexion! In addition, the lipids contained in olive oil are very similar to our skin, which is why the oil is particularly well absorbed into the skin and the valuable ingredients arrive exactly where they are needed. Olive oil is a real treat for your skin - and is therefore an indispensable base oil in our Hello Sue products.

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Apricot kernel oil – care that pays off

The second base oil that we can't get enough of is apricot kernel oil. Because there are an incredible number of valuable ingredients in this too: the vitamins A and E contained in them in particular counteract free radicals, which rob the skin of its radiance as well as its tension and elasticity, so that the skin ages prematurely. The apricot kernel oil also has a smoothing effect and stimulates cell generation, so you can look forward to a fresh complexion without wrinkles!

But that's not all: the oil provides intensive moisture and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which strengthen your skin's own protective barrier. The latter stores water and serves as protection against environmentally harmful influences, which is particularly beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. And because that's not enough, this beautiful oil also relieves the skin's inflammatory processes and stimulates wound healing, so it is also wonderfully suitable for impure skin. With so many great properties, we can't stop raving about it - just like the oil from our beloved products!

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So now you already know a lot about our beautiful base oils, but of course they are just the beginning. In addition to apricot kernel oil and olive oil, we also use essential oils, which represent the essence of our products and have a very special effect on your senses. You will find out what kind of effect this is and how it unfolds in our next blog post!


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