Hello Sue, who are you?

Hello Sue, who are you?

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Maybe you've ever wondered what's behind our name Hello Sue. And maybe the answer is more surprising than you expected. Because Hello Sue not only sounds beautiful, it also tells an equally beautiful and special story: the story of our dear Susanne - the good soul and creative mind behind our products - whose life experiences are the inspiration for our work today.

Even the gray Hamburg sky outside the window cannot harm Susanne's calm and warm charisma. As she stands in her studio, working on new oil creations surrounded by various plants and intense scents, Susanne reminisces. She emphasizes that she is a “now person” and would rather live in the here than in the past or the future. But today she is making a small exception. And embarks with us on a narrative journey through what was and led to what is now.

Susanne's intuition: an inner compass

“As a child, I asked my mother why I wasn’t born in England,” Susanne begins to say with a laugh. Already then she felt inside her that she was being drawn to distant places - or, as she calls it, to her “places of power”. For Susanne, intuition is more than an inspiration, it is her inner compass. As a young woman, this takes her to a wide variety of places and foreign countries; it brings her into contact with unknown cultures and their natural healing methods: “No matter where I was, I always sought contact with the people living there, especially older people, who shared their knowledge and experience with me.”

Susanne discovered her fascination for essential oils, their scents and potential for development on her first trips to India - a fascination that would stay with her for the rest of her life: “It is very special how much the perception of smells through the nose and thus conscious inhalation can influence our mood,” she enthuses. “This can trigger very different emotions and memories.” An effect that Susanne uses and appreciates today as the basis for each of her creations.

When she returned to Germany, the desire to use the impressions she had gained professionally had solidified. She begins training as a physiotherapist, learning the anatomy of the body as well as massage techniques and movement exercises. Nevertheless, the training is too theoretical for her: “I saw it more as a kind of basis for advanced seminars and further training because the training did not yet fully satisfy me,” explains Susanne. “The desire to learn more was always there.” This was followed by Pilates training, an apprenticeship as a dermatologist’s assistant and three years in which she learned spiritual healing. What can you imagine by that? “You deal with the different chakras of the body and use the subconscious to access the soul,” she explains. This allows you to process and solve certain things that you might otherwise ignore. In all the training that Susanne completes, in all the advanced training courses she attends and in all the knowledge she collects over the years: the deep need to not just look at people and their bodies superficially, but to penetrate into their depths and... Recognizing the beauty and gentleness therein runs as a common thread through her life.

Hello Sue – the essence of life

If you ask Susanne what she means by holistic skin care, she doesn't have to think for long: "For me, it's about taking not only the skin and its properties into account, but also the human senses, primarily the sense of smell." Susanne starts early , using this approach to create their own oils: still freshly inspired by the impressions of their travels, the basis for today's Energizing Face Oil and Deep Repair Face Oil is created. A few years later, when she worked in a massage practice and the body oils on the market at the time did not meet her needs, she took up her passion again and developed additional oils. And then everything happens: one of her regular customers is so enthusiastic about Susanne's creations that he encourages her to make more of them. And she does that, together with her son Felix. They think about a concept and a name, carefully match ingredients and develop a design. Until Susanne's very personal life is contained in small bottles and jars made of high-quality glass and bears the wonderful name Hello Sue .

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What does Susanne want for the future of Hello Sue ? “That people understand what this is about,” she answers thoughtfully. “Skin care doesn’t just stay on the skin, it goes under the skin.” That’s why it’s so important to her that the oils are completely natural and don’t contain any questionable additives: “People underestimate what the chemicals contained in many cosmetics can do to their skin Body does." But it's not just skin care itself that plays an important role, also a healthy lifestyle and the willingness to deal with yourself and your feelings: "Many people are constantly worried and destroyed because of them Distract your worries from your own fears and needs.” In a fast-moving world characterized by uncertainty and constant change, this cannot always be avoided. And yet: As is well known, self-care does not begin on the outside. A short break from all the worries sometimes promises one thing - laughter: “None of my patients should leave me without laughing,” says Susanne with a smile. “Only then will I know that we have found a solution.”

On Susanne's large work table with the solid wooden top there is now a small crucible filled with salt crystals that exude the intense scent of rosemary: a first recipe for a body scrub that Susanne is just perfecting. Just like our existing products, it should at some point delight our dear Hello Sue customers and put a little smile on their faces. Because our dear Susanne is particularly good at that.

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