Ätherische Öle: Die Essenz unserer Produkte

Essential oils: The essence of our products

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Do you still remember the perfume your mother used to wear? That very special scent that still makes you instantly travel through time and sink back into her arms, making you feel safe and protected? Or that smell of fresh rain on gray asphalt that only exists in summer, when the feeling of carefreeness accompanies us through warm nights and wakes up next to us in the morning?

If there was an essence of life, it would probably be scents. They are our favorite people and favorite flowers, they are this place of longing somewhere in the south, they are the freshly brewed coffee that starts the day. And that's exactly why this essence of life is also the essence of our products - not just a scent, but a feeling that gets under the skin.

The power of natural fragrances

The essential oils that we use in all of our products ensure this special effect. These are natural fragrances that are produced by plants to attract insects or defend themselves against pathogens. We humans release the fragrant essence from the plant using different extraction methods, for example steam distillation, pressing or extraction. What is particularly important is that the oils are obtained exclusively from the respective parent plant - without the addition of similarly scented, usually cheaper oils or even synthetic additives. Only then can they bear the name “100% natural essential oil”.

We also use these natural oils for our Hello Sue products and take advantage of their special healing properties. This takes place on a total of three levels: the body, the mind and the soul. This is due to the many different biochemical ingredients in the plant, which together are responsible for the holistic effect of the essential oils. Since the ingredients are of course composed individually depending on the plant, they also have different effects. They have various properties, such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, vitalizing or regenerating effects. These are what make them so special for skin care. There are also essential oils that relax and balance your senses, while others have a mood-enhancing and stimulating effect.

Photo by @maggymelzer

Your sense of smell and its influence on your well-being

But how do essential oils actually manage to develop this holistic effect and even stimulate our senses? The answer to this is actually quite simple: via our sense of smell. Because everything we perceive about it is immediately passed on to one of the oldest regions of our brain, the limbic system. While other sensory stimuli pass through different areas of the brain, for example the cerebrum and thus our consciousness, with smells this happens without any detours - i.e. without us consciously perceiving it.

But what exactly is the limbic system and what are its tasks? Roughly summarized, these are primarily archaic, i.e. very original, bodily functions such as human instinctual behavior, but also feelings and emotions. By absorbing the various scent molecules from the essential oils via our nasal mucous membranes and passing them on from the olfactory nerve to the limbic system, they can influence our mood and feelings, regulate hormone production, or, as already mentioned at the beginning, evoke memories that were related to this at an earlier point in time associated with a particular scent. As you can see, scents can promote very different, positive processes inside you. And if we are aware of this, we can use those scents specifically to increase our own well-being in certain situations and emotional situations.

Despite these wonderful properties, opinions about essential oils are often very polarizing. Even if they are a natural product, essential oils can sometimes cause undesirable side effects. This happens especially when the oils are used in high concentrations. Of course, we are aware of these possible side effects and therefore always adhere to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) limit values ​​for the concentrations in our products. In addition, the skin compatibility of our products was tested by a qualified dermatologist from a scientific institute and rated as very good. So you don't have to worry that the essential oils contained in our products are harmful to your health - and instead you can enjoy their wonderful effect on your body and mind!

The valuable properties of essential oils and their holistic effect make this natural product the essence of our oils. We see it as a kind of foundation that you can use to bring body and mind into harmony. And we hope that they help you integrate more appreciation for your own well-being into your everyday life. Maybe this is even the beginning of a wonderful journey to yourself - together with Hello Sue.


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