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Natural cosmetics - 9 reasons for sustainable skincare

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What makes natural cosmetics so special?

For Susanne, our creative mind behind it Hello Sue The connection and respect for nature has been a given since childhood. But for a long time the cosmetics industry didn't have what it wanted for itself, its fellow human beings and the environment. But fortunately, natural cosmetics and the understanding and wishes of consumers are changing. Awareness of naturalness and the environment is returning and people are increasingly questioning what is really in the products they put on their skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and is often referred to as the “mirror of the soul”.

We want to show you 9 great advantages of natural cosmetics.


Real natural cosmetics consist of plant extracts and purely natural ingredients that protect people and the environment.
Natural cosmetics therefore do not use chemical substances that are aggressive to the skin. Both in the quality of the raw materials and its manufacturing processes. The focus is on mindfulness, your own well-being, good tolerance and healthy and radiant skin.

Conventional cosmetics rely on quick effects and temporary cushioning and smoothing through the use of silicones and synthetic oils, without any long-term benefit for the skin. Natural care, on the other hand, focuses on long-term, sustainable and holistic care that effectively regenerates the skin and supports the skin's processes but does not interrupt them. This means that the pores are not clogged and enzyme production is not restricted, so that the skin's natural moisture regulation and protective mechanisms are maintained and supported.


Conventional cosmetics use artificial preservatives such as parabens to ensure the long shelf life of the products. However, these synthetic preservatives are often suspected of having an impact on hormonal balance and a higher risk of allergies. Since our products are not stretched with water, we can do without many stabilizers. But high-quality vegetable oils also need to be protected from oxidation. By adding high-quality, natural substances, we manage to protect our products from oxidation in a completely natural way. Vitamin E (tocopherol) acts as a natural protection for the oils because it has an antioxidant and cell-protecting effect. The natural essential oils also provide support with their antibacterial effects.

Alcohols are also a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives and are probably the most commonly used preservative in natural cosmetics. However, alcohols often have a drying and irritating effect on sensitive skin, which is why we at Hello Sue do not use this preservative.

Mineral oils such as paraffin are obtained from petroleum and are a cheap alternative to high-quality vegetable oils. However, these are not very sustainable and environmentally friendly during production and can also contain ingredients that are very critical for the skin.

In contrast to natural fragrances, synthetic fragrances are usually difficult to break down and can accumulate in the environment and in the organisms of humans and animals.

Substances such as microplastics, which have a harmful effect on the environment, have no place in cosmetics.

Humans have a responsibility towards animals! This ethical approach is not compatible with animal testing.

In addition to the ingredients, the packaging and sources of supply also play a major role. Because what's the point if the content of the product is natural, but the rest is not.

For the Hello Sue It goes without saying that the natural ingredients in cosmetics play a key role in the family. After all, the healing power of nature has been researched and used since time immemorial. In each of our oils, balms and masks we have searched for the perfect mixture and mode of action of base oils and essential oils in order to be able to develop its full power. And the sustainable manufacturing process and an environmentally friendly production chain are also important to us. We only have this one body and only this one planet. That's why we firmly believe that natural cosmetics are the future!

Photo by Fleur Kaan on Unsplash

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