So gelingt der Umstieg von konventioneller Kosmetik auf Naturkosmetik

This is how you can switch from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics

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If you consciously decide to switch from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics, you need one thing above all: patience. “Because,” says Susanne, our creative soul behind the Hello Sue backdrop, “it doesn’t happen overnight. You need patience and trust in your body. But I promise, it’s worth it.”

Give your skin a little time

Even if you need a little patience at first, it's all the better knowing how much your skin and your health will thank you for this step in the end. Your skin will learn to restore its natural balance and regulate itself again. Basically, she is learning to breathe and live again.

But it actually requires a little time and attention from you in the beginning. Switching from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics is always a process in which you give your skin the time and space it needs to get used to sustainable care and its natural ingredients. It may happen that your desired effect only becomes apparent after several applications or that the appearance of your skin may temporarily change.

For example, small pimples or redness may appear at the beginning of the change. This is because if your skin has previously been treated with conventional cosmetics, ingredients such as synthetic preservatives, mineral oils and plastic have clogged your pores and sebaceous glands. They are finally released from your skin. A true liberation process for your body takes place as your skin secretes sebum from its pores, which have previously been clogged over and over again with synthetic ingredients. Skin irregularities can initially form, but don't let this put you off, because you are well on the way to healthy and clear skin. “Now is the time,” says Susanne, “when you should decide to give up the old and welcome the new. Because your skin is a miracle of nature, it can do so many things. She can regulate herself and, above all, she knows which natural substances she can best utilize for herself.”

You can usually expect a transition phase of around a month until your skin has regenerated, is free of skin-damaging substances and has learned to use its full self-regulating power independently again.

Less is more for your skin

In contrast to conventional cosmetics, natural cosmetics consistently avoid synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. You won't find silicones, parabens or microplastics in natural cosmetics either.

However, if you have left conventional cosmetic products on your skin for a long time, the structure of the skin barrier will be completely disrupted. In other words: the fat-water ratio in your skin structure no longer matches. The ingredients in conventional cosmetics have formed a thin film on the skin, which seals off the skin and traps fluid and sweat underneath. It causes the skin to swell so that synthetic substances can penetrate your organism more easily due to the increased water supply. This process is called the 'occlusion effect'. Substances such as mineral oils and plastic can no longer be excreted in this way, so they remain in your organism and can cause long-term damage to your health.

Natural cosmetics only use natural ingredients that support your skin and its strength in a natural way, because it can actually do so many things on its own and doesn't need as much support as we always think. Even if we sometimes only see it as a brittle, dry or oily surface of our body, as our largest organ it is a small miracle that is connected to our soul, mind and heart. “Everything good comes from within,” says Susanne, “so pay attention not only to your skin, but also to your mind and your intestines.” A good diet and inner satisfaction also help your skin to have a radiant and pure existence. Create awareness of your skin and feel what it needs from within.

It is very important to use cosmetics sparingly. Less helps more, as Susanne always says so beautifully to us. So if you switch to natural cosmetics, you should always carefully try out the new products on the crook of your arm and only then apply them to your face. It's best not to use too many new products at the beginning, which could overstimulate your skin. It would also be a good idea if you didn't mix the product range between conventional and natural cosmetics, which would only end up confusing your skin.

When it comes to hair, switching to purely natural products takes a little longer. This is because conventional cosmetics generally use silicones, in contrast to natural products. In natural cosmetics, only plant-based moisturizers are integrated into their recipes. Therefore, your hair may initially feel a little drier or a little greasier than you are used to. This is because it takes some time for the silicone layer to completely grow out and for the sebaceous glands to get used to the new care routine. However, after this adjustment phase, you can look forward to naturally supple and shiny hair.

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

From nature for nature

Not only will your skin and hair thank you in the long term for switching to natural cosmetics, but also the environment. By using natural cosmetics, no environmentally harmful ingredients such as mineral oil and plastic and synthetic fragrances and preservatives are released back into nature. Most natural cosmetics manufacturers - like us at Hello Sue - also pay attention to sustainable packaging, raw material chains and an environmentally conscious production process. At Hello Sue, it is very important to us to create a mindful connection to nature by not only taking from nature, but also giving something back through our conscious behavior towards it.

You can also read about what makes natural cosmetics special and what reasons speak for holistic and sustainable care in our blog post 9 reasons for natural cosmetics .

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