Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by tingling, tension, itching and reactions to external stimuli with redness, spots and burning. This results from a weakened skin barrier, the acid mantle. It is important to look at the skin and care holistically and consider possible causes such as stress, hormones and diet. With sensitive skin, the choice of care products is crucial. Chemical products with alcohols, preservatives and fragrances can attack the skin barrier and make it even more sensitive. This can lead to blemishes and dry patches. Strengthen and protect your skin by choosing products carefully.

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Characteristics: unbalanced, uneven, reddened, prone to pustules & quickly tightens

Structure: scaly & thin

Complexion: spotty & uneven due to redness and pustules

Holistic care tips

Especially if you have sensitive skin, you should make sure to care for it very gently. So it's best not to use chemical peels, hard facial brushes and, above all, acid treatments! Sensitive skin is very sensitive and reacts very quickly with irritation - even to non-natural fragrances, perfumes, alcohols and preservatives. So look closely at the ingredients of your care products and switch to natural cosmetics as much as possible!

Since sensitive skin is always caused by a weakened skin barrier, the first thing to do is to strengthen it and not weaken it with more chemicals! This works wonderfully with natural oils, as they are rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and strengthen the skin intensively in a natural way! Above all, you should clean your sensitive facial skin every evening with a gentle, natural care oil and lukewarm water so that it can regenerate freely overnight. Hot water attacks your acid mantle and the pH value of your skin too much!

It is important that you listen to your skin! Especially with skin care products and make-up, you should remember that less is more. Don't use too many and, above all, don't overstimulate your skin with constantly changing skin care routines. Give your skin time to breathe! If you have sensitive skin, a high level of sun protection and enough moisture are also very important!

• No long & hot showers. This irritates your pH value & your acid mantle, which makes the skin drier.

• Shower with lukewarm water & no longer than 10 minutes

• Make sure that the rooms you are in are not too dry

• Keep your surroundings clean

• Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins

• Avoid nicotine & alcohol

• Try to eat as alkaline and non-acidic a diet as possible

• Avoid direct sunlight. This leads to more dryness & cracks on the skin.

• Use UV protection SPF 50, even in bad weather

• Wear a hat when the sun is strong

Hello Sue routine

As always, be sure to apply all of our oils to damp skin or with a moisturizing serum to create a water-oil emulsion. This allows the nutrients and vitamins to penetrate deeper into the other layers of your skin and your skin is moisturized at the same time.

Daily facial cleansing

No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil

With our No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil you can cleanse your sensitive facial skin of dirt, bacteria, old skin cells and sebum in a natural and gentle way. Due to its gentle feel, our Cleansing Oil is particularly suitable for cleansing sensitive skin, as it does not contain any aggressive chemical pollutants that could further attack your skin barrier. It is best to use our Cleansing Oil every evening before you go to bed by applying it to a damp washcloth or pad and gently cleansing your face with it.

To the Cleansing Face Oil

Daily facial care

No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil

You can apply our No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil to your moist skin every day, immediately after cleansing. Our Deep Repair Face Oil has a cell-regenerating effect thanks to the myrrh, frankincense and apricot kernel oils it contains, and it intensively strengthens your skin barrier thanks to its many vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, so that your skin is not only better protected against dehydration, but inflammation is also counteracted. In the end, you will be rewarded with strong, clear and healthy skin!

To the Deep Repair Face Oil

Daily personal care

No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil

Our No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil has a powerful strengthening and cell-regenerating effect on your sensitive skin. Thanks to its many vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, it brings your acid mantle (hydrolipid mantle) back into a healthy balance so that it is no longer so sensitive. The best way to do this is to gently massage it into your damp skin every day after showering.

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No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil

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No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil

"It's important to me that I can care for my skin with a clear conscience!"

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Especially if you have sensitive skin, you should consider switching completely to natural skin care products. We tell you how best to do this in our blog post How to successfully switch from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics .