“Balance Trio” – set for combination and oily skin

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No. 2 Balancing Face Oil | 100ml
No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil | 30ml or 100ml
No. 10 Calming Face Mask | 50ml

No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil (Size) 30ml

Do you have combination or oily skin and would you like to finally have healthy, pure, balanced skin? With our effective trio you can help your skin regain its healthy balance by regulating your sebum production and clearing clogged pores!

Did you know that oily skin is best regulated with oil, according to the chemical formula: oil kills oil! That's why our oils are very suitable for oily and combination skin!

What is particularly important is daily, pore-deep cleansing to free your skin of bacteria, dirt and sebum. Our No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil is perfect for this thanks to its non-comedogenic formula and the fat-dissolving, naturally antibacterial and sebum-regulating combination of safflower oil, basil oil and orange oil .

Our No. 2 Balancing Face Oil has a very balancing effect on your skin! Thanks to the apricot kernel and pomegranate seed oils it contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that intensively strengthen your skin from the inside. Thanks to the punicic acid it contains, sebum production can be regulated, pores refined and impurities counteracted.

Our no. 10 Calming Face Mask is our miracle mask for deep-seated impurities, blackheads and hormonal pimples. The very effective combination of jojoba oil and clay binds grease and dirt so that your skin is cleansed deep into the pores. The clay in particular pulls everything out of your skin and sebaceous glands that doesn't belong there and regulates their production. It can also be used selectively on impurities or in the T-zone! Your perfect balancing trio for oily and combination skin!

100% vegan & natürlich

Ohne Parabene, Alkohol & synthetische Konservierungsstoffe


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