“Energize Trio” – set for mature skin

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No. 6 Energizing Face Oil | 30ml or 100ml
No. 8 Nurturing Décolleté Oil | 50ml
No. 9 Activating Eye Oil | 30ml

No. 6 Energizing Face Oil (Size) 30ml

Do you have mature skin and want to counteract signs of aging such as wrinkles and a dull complexion?

With our Energize Trio you give your mature skin the intensively nourishing care it so desperately needs as it ages.

Our No. 6 Energizing Face Oil makes your facial skin shine again. The ginger and cypress oils it contains promote blood circulation, which is important for the regeneration processes of skin cells, especially in old age. In this way, the skin cells can be better supplied with vitamins and nutrients and wrinkles and a pale complexion can be counteracted.

Ours is for the sensitive skin around the eyes No. 9 Activating Eye Oil there. The effective composition of moringa seed and pomegranate seed oil can stimulate your skin's own collagen synthesis and thus specifically counteract skin aging. The ginger oil it contains stimulates blood circulation, which can decrease with age. For radiant moments for your skin!

Our rich No. 8 Nurturing Décolleté Oil is for massaging and caring for your décolleté. Moringa seed and neroli oils can stimulate blood circulation and have a cell-regenerating effect. As our vitamin bomb among our oils, it can effectively counteract skin aging by giving your sensitive décolleté skin the nutrients it needs with its many vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids!

The perfect trio for mature skin that wants natural and rich care!

100% vegan & natürlich

Ohne Parabene, Alkohol & synthetische Konservierungsstoffe


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