Mature skin

Mature skin appears with advanced age. Mature skin is usually only spoken of after the age of 50, but the first signs of aging in the form of fine lines and wrinkles can appear as early as the age of 27. Mature skin is less able to retain moisture and therefore loses structure, tone and elasticity. Due to hormonal changes in the body, it produces less sebum, making it drier and more sensitive and wrinkles can form more quickly. In addition, the skin's collagen production and cell regeneration decrease, which is most noticeable on the face, neck and décolleté due to less fatty tissue.

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Characteristics: sensitive, dry & prone to wrinkles, lack of elasticity & resilience

Structure & pores: rough, prone to lines, wrinkles & pigment spots

pale & pale due to lack of elasticity & sebum

Holistic care tips

The skin changes over the course of life and its requirements also change. Although aging cannot really be delayed, the skin's aging processes can be counteracted with intensively nourishing care and sufficient moisture.

The skin is your largest protective organ - it is all the more important to treat it with conscious attention! Even with mature skin, it is important not to over-care for it with (chemical) cosmetics. Find your care routine with your favorite care products and stick to it. Your skin will always quickly tell you what is good for it and what it doesn't like so much. But you should always make sure that in the end less is more and that natural ingredients in particular keep your skin healthy.

Above all, pay attention to natural care that does not attack your acid mantle, because it also works more slowly as you get older. Our oils are rich in vitamins such as A, C and E as well as unsaturated fatty acids that protect and strengthen your skin barrier. Our base oils and essential oils have a cell-regenerating and blood circulation-promoting effect, which intensively supports aging skin in its regeneration. Since the skin lacks moisture due to lower sebum production, we recommend that our oils be used in combination with a moisturizing serum or hyaluronic acid.

• No direct sunlight

• Use SPF 50, even in bad weather

• Wear a hat when the sun is strong

• Drink enough water

• Avoid alcohol & nicotine

• Eat a balanced & healthy diet

• Avoid industrial sugar

• Exercise regularly

• Get some fresh air

• Get enough sleep

• Pay attention to hormone balance

• Reduce stress

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As always, be sure to apply all of our oils to damp skin or with a moisturizing serum to create a water-oil emulsion. This allows the nutrients and vitamins to penetrate deeper into the other layers of your skin and your skin is moisturized at the same time.

Daily facial care

No. 6 Energizing Face Oil

Our Energizing Face Oil brings your facial skin back to life. The ginger and cypress oils it contains promote blood circulation, which is important for the regeneration processes of skin cells, especially in old age. This means that the skin cells are better supplied with vitamins and nutrients and signs of aging can be counteracted. A facial massage can also promote blood circulation and thus the skin's entire organism, so we recommend using our Energizing Face Oil up to twice a day in the form of a gentle massage.

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Décolleté care

No. 8 Nurturing Décolleté Oil

With our No. 8 Nurturing Décolleté Oil Sue creates a wonderfully gentle but intensively nourishing composition. The effective moringa seed and neroli oils stimulate blood circulation and regenerate cells. This rich décolleté oil is a real vitamin bomb for the care of mature skin. Valuable vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids prevent skin aging and can reduce wrinkle formation. Gently massage your skin with it every day and enjoy a little me-time in the evening.

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No. 9 Activating Eye Oil

Our thin and sensitive skin around the eyes in particular needs rich, intensive care. As you get older, facial wrinkles and even so-called crow's feet can form, which need to be counteracted with nutritious care. In our no. 9 Activating Eye Oil contains moringa seed and pomegranate seed oil, which stimulate the skin's own collagen synthesis and thus counteract skin aging. The ginger oil it contains also increases blood circulation, which decreases with age but is very important for our skin's well-being. It's best to use our Eye Oil in the evening so that the regeneration of your skin is optimally supported overnight.

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No. 9 Activating Eye Oil

"The Eye Oil totally exceeded my expectations."

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