olive oil

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Strengthens the skin barrier & regulates sebum production

Olive oil contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the skin and its health. The most important nutrients include vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, polyphenols, squalene and linoleic acid. These nutrients help strengthen and protect the skin barrier by regulating sebum production, preserving skin moisture and protecting the skin from harmful environmental influences. Squalene is one of the most important lipids in the human skin microbiome and helps maintain the balance of microorganisms, which in turn strengthens the skin's protective acid mantle. Olive oil can help maintain and strengthen the skin's microbiome, which is so important for the skin, as it nourishes the good bacteria on the skin while killing harmful bacteria. Thanks to its many good nutrients, olive oil can counteract skin aging by naturally strengthening the skin and protecting it from moisture loss and external radicals. You can find out more about olive oil in our blog postApricot kernel & olive oil: the heart of our productsread up.