Babassu oil

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Kühlend & antimikrobiell

What is typical of babassu oil is its melting behavior. When it comes into contact with the skin, it melts immediately, is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling soft. It also has a cooling effect. Ideal for dry and tired feet and that's why it's in oursNo. 12 Vitalizing Feet Balmcontain. Another special feature of babassu oil is the high content of lauric acid, which has a strong antimicrobial effect. Palmitic and linoleic acid are also contained in babassu oil - linoacid, as the skin's essential omega-6 fatty acid, stabilizes the structures of its cell membranes, it is also the main component of ceramides: If there is a lack of ceramides, our skin can lose too much moisture, which in turn leads to Dryness can lead to wrinkles or eczema. Linoleic acid can also have a gentle effect on acne and hyperpigmentation, as it has an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Babassu oil is a little miracle oil for the skin.