Balanced skin

When you have balanced skin, you have healthy skin with a strong acid mantle that protects you well from external radicals and makes you less susceptible to skin diseases, impurities and dryness. You have a naturally fresh complexion, you get few pimples and your pores are fine and even. Your skin reacts insensitively to care products or other external influences and you can really feel how your skin radiates healthily from the inside out. Your skin, your microbiome, your pH value – everything lives in balance and gives you balanced, healthy skin!

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Characteristics: balanced, taut, clear, insensitive

Structure & pores: even, fine, soft, smooth, healthy skin barrier

even, harmonious, fresh, healthy

Holistic care tips

The skin is your largest protective organ - it is all the more important to treat it with conscious attention! Even if your skin is balanced, it is important not to over-care for it with (chemical) cosmetics. Find your care routine with your favorite care products and stick to it. Your skin will always quickly tell you what is good for it and what it doesn't like so much. But you should always make sure that in the end less is more and that natural ingredients in particular keep your skin healthy.

Pure, natural care without chemical additives is also good for balanced skin. It strengthens your skin barrier, protects it from dryness and impurities and thus slows down early signs of aging! So give your skin good, nutrient-rich care, enough moisture and, above all, daily UV protection!

• No direct sunlight

• Use SPF 50, even in bad weather

• Wear a hat when the sun is strong

• Drink enough water

• Avoid alcohol & nicotine

• Eat a balanced & healthy diet

• Avoid industrial sugar

• Exercise regularly

• Get some fresh air

• Get enough sleep

• Pay attention to hormone balance

• Reduce stress

Hello Sue Routine

As always, be sure to apply all of our oils to damp skin or with a moisturizing serum to create a water-oil emulsion. This allows the nutrients and vitamins to penetrate deeper into the other layers of your skin and your skin is moisturized at the same time.

Daily facial cleansing

No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil

Although your skin is very balanced and relaxed, you should still make sure to cleanse your facial skin daily so that it does not irritate your skin barrier with chemical substances. Our Cleansing Face Oil gently cleanses your skin and also gives it important nutrients to strengthen the skin barrier! It's best to use it every evening to cleanse your skin deep into the pores of all bacteria and dirt from everyday life.

Daily facial care

No. 2 Balancing Face Oil

Our No. 2 Balancing Face Oil has a relaxing effect on your skin and your senses. The apricot kernel and pomegranate seed oils contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that intensively strengthen your skin barrier.

Daily personal care

No. 1 Balancing Body Oil

Our No. 1 Balancing Body Oil - the game changer for balancing, holistic skin care, because the scent of ylang ylang goes deep into your senses. Not only does it intensively care for your skin and bring it into a healthy balance, but it also reduces stress hormones and allows you to relax deeply. It's best to use it straight after the shower and pamper your moistened skin with an intensive massage!

No. 1 Balancing Body Oil

"Everything becomes soft, fragrant & sensual."

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No. 1 Balancing Face Oil

"[...] I've honestly never used a better cosmetic product!"

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No. 7 Cleansing Face Oil

"My skin has improved significantly since I first used Hello Sue."

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