Skin Story: Mein Badezimmer duftet wie im Spa

Skin Story: My bathroom smells like a spa

Posted by Tina Hennig on

Photo by @_meditation_flow_

Dear Tina @_meditation_flow_ is currently training to become a meditation leader so that she can do what she likes most every day: meditate, cook healthy & vegan food and cultivate enough self-love & mindfulness on a regular basis. It works best with our No. 2 Balancing Face Oil and our No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil in a meditative mood:

"My morning routine includes a massage with the Gua Sha tools. For the facial massage I use the Balancing Face Oil from Hello Sue. It gives my skin lots of good nutrients, is not too heavy and I love the special scent: cedar wood, ylang ylang. and sandalwood oil make the facial massage very special. The Gua Sha Tools & the Balancing Face Oil belong together for me and together they take facial massages to the next level for me personally. My face is firm, suffused with moisture and the unique scent brings me into a really nice meditative mood.

But I also really love detoxifying. Especially now, when the cold season begins, I am super grateful for the Detoxifying Body Oil! Applied immediately after showering, it retains the moisture of the still damp skin. I also love it when the whole bathroom smells like a spa thanks to the nice smelling oils. I'm much more relaxed then. The high-quality oils also make it a special moment of self-love & mindfulness for me.

There are of course many natural cosmetics. What I love about Hello Sue's products are the high-quality and, above all, special oils. Normally, oil-based products are very simple: There is a simple carrier oil, a few additives or fragrances and that's it.
But really high-quality oils are used here that properly nourish, care and strengthen the skin so that it does not become dry and its moisture is retained.
These oil combinations make Hello Sue products unique to me - for my skin and, thanks to the essential scents, also for my senses."

Photo by @_meditation_flow_

Thank you, dear @_meditation_flow_ , for your kind words!

Sue's detox formula

For our No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil, our Susanne once again chose the base oils Apricot kernel oil and olive oil were chosen. “This composition is just so good for the skin. The oils provide gentle care, but thanks to their many good nutrients such as vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, they naturally give the skin exactly what it needs.”

The cistus oil it contains is wonderfully suitable for sensitive skin and has a regenerating and circulation-stimulating effect. At the same time, it has a balancing and strengthening effect on your senses. “When you close your eyes, you briefly have the feeling that you are standing in the middle of the forest and breathing in the fresh scent of the trees,” says Susanne with a smile. Thanks to the essential oils, it not only gives your skin new strength, but above all your senses.

The ylang ylang oil it contains also has a powerful and balancing effect on your mood. It is even said to have an antispasmodic effect on your senses and is therefore often used in healing practice for menstrual problems.

The cedar wood oil has a strongly protective and nutrient-rich effect for your skin and is therefore often used for a disturbed skin barrier, which can be identified by impurities or dryness. But the scent of cedar also captivates you: Anyone who has ever smelled cedar knows what we are talking about!

Due to its regenerating character, the Detoxifying Body Oil is best suited for dry and stressed skin. “It is very nourishing and protective, especially for dry skin in winter,” says Susanne with a smile, “so you should gently massage it into damp skin every day after the shower.”

Here you come to our No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil :

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