The skin as a mirror of your soul - A day of selflove and selfcare

Hello Sue x Janina Tanck am 10.9. in Hamburg
1:00 p.m. - approx. 6:30 p.m @YOGAWALD


What's waiting for you:

Three women, each an expert in their field, would like to experience a conscious day for your body, soul and spirit with you.

We see the skin as a mirror of your soul, so we want to show you how strongly your soul, mind & skin are connected. On this day we will trigger your senses with different sensory touches such as smells, touches on the skin and sounds and show you what effect different therapeutic methods can have on your skin. In this workshop you will learn to understand your skin anew and learn to love and care for it. We will explain the skin as an organ biologically, we will show you therapeutic touches from foot reflection to face yoga and meditate with you. At the end you will experience a Sound Healing Bath that touches all your senses and lets the day end in a very special way.

The skin as our largest organ is probably also our most underestimated organ. So it has far more tasks than just looking smooth and beautiful. It protects us from cold and heat as well as from harmful environmental influences, it regulates our body temperature and serves the body as a storehouse for fat, water and metabolic products. But above all, it shows our feelings and so we see our inner world of emotions with it. When our skin is doing well, you hardly notice it, but when skin conditions appear that reflect your own discomfort, you only notice the large chain of effects of soul, spirit and skin.

In this workshop we would like to show you how the nervous system and the associated positive emotions are triggered by different sensory touches. Sounds, smells, mediations or gentle touch always have an intensive effect on the harmony and balance of your mind and thus always on your skin. We would like to teach you certain methods that will help you after this day to find an inner balance in some stressful moments in your life. Together we will become aware of how important it is to love yourself, to touch yourself or to be touched and what an intensive effect different therapeutic methods can have on your complexion.

Skin love and its care go far under the skin, they touch your senses and strive for a balanced, mindful cooperation between body, mind and soul. If you give your spirit positive energy and harmony, your skin will also radiate towards your reflection and the world.

A day intended for a mindful togetherness of your soul, your mind & your body.


Start: 1 p.m

Meditation with Susan

intention for the day
All about Skin mit Ann-Cathrin
From head to toe with Susanne
A little Break mit Snacks
Soundbath mit Janina
Reflection of the day: Your look in the mirror

Good Bye: 18.30 /
7 p.m


Good to know & what to bring

We will provide healthy energy snacks and drinks. All you need is yourself, comfortable clothing that you feel comfortable in, thick socks, something to write with (pad or notebook with pen) & curiosity.

At the end you will receive a small goodie bag from us so that you can review the day at home.

Our mentors

ANN-CATHRIN, our biologist,

will tell you everything about the superorgan skin by telling you everything about its structure, its function and its tasks.

The skin is much more than just a layer that surrounds us. It is our largest and always underestimated sensory organ. As a biologist, Ann-Cathrin will tell you the scientific facts about the skin and answer all the questions you have always had about it.

SUSANNE, our all-rounder in physiotherapy, alternative medicine & Chinese acupuncture, meditation & Pilates,

will show you therapeutic touches from head to toe, the effects of which go deep under the skin. Susanne will show you how different points on your foot are connected to the rest of your body and organs by doing a foot reflection, which you will then do yourself. We have known for many years that certain touch points on our skin go deep within. Chinese medicine has been using healing acupuncture for centuries. But we don't always need needles for this, even touches with our own hands have an intensive effect on our mind, our organs and thus on our skin. Susanne will show us which therapeutic touches give our skin relaxation, for example, so that if you use them more often, they have a smoothing effect on your skin. With Susanne we will stimulate our body from foot to head by taking a touch journey over our body from foot reflection to our lymph to face yoga.

JANINA, our Sound Energy Practitioner,

would like to do a light meditation with sounds with you. With an intention at the beginning we start the journey of sounds that support you & your intention for the day. It has long been known that sounds get under the skin, because sounds can have an intense and intoxicating effect on our senses. They go deep under the skin, sensitize our senses and if you feel very carefully, you will notice how sounds not only liberate your soul, your body and your mind - perhaps from negative thoughts, from old things that weigh you down - but Above all, give you a positive energy that surrounds you from the inside out. Sounds have been used by a wide variety of cultures for thousands of years for healing purposes, by finding back inner harmony through acoustics. Sounds stimulate your brain waves, they affect certain levels of the brain and have direct access to our selves. With her Soundbath, Janina would like to show you how sounds get deep under the skin and how this connection releases positive energy onto our skin.

We look forward to seeing you and spending the day with you!