Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition caused by disrupted skin barriers. Unlike dry skin, this condition can be improved with proper care. Dehydrated skin often has fine pores, is thin and feels flaky and tight. A pale complexion and a tendency to breakouts are further signs. This condition results from an imbalance in the hydro-lipid film, which promotes moisture loss. Causes can be environmental factors such as UV rays, cold, diet and too aggressive skin care.

Dehydrated skin can occur in any skin type, sometimes making it difficult to differentiate between skin types and conditions.

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Characteristics: thin, dry, rough skin feeling

Structure: very fine pores, slightly cracked & flaky

Complexion: sallow, dull, pale

Holistic care tips

Since dehydrated skin is a temporary condition, you can achieve quick results with the right care. It is important to use natural care that does not contain any chemical additives that further attack your skin barrier. Pay attention to vitamin-rich care that is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants to bring your hydro-lipid coat back into its healthy balance!

Natural oils are also wonderful for caring for dehydrated skin because they have a variety of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that strengthen and protect your skin barrier so that your skin can store the moisture that is so important to it. Oils also form a kind of protective film on your skin, which protects it better from external radicals, as it is more vulnerable to attack in its dehydrated state and this can otherwise lead to impurities on your skin.

• no long & hot showers. This irritates your pH value and your acid mantle, which makes the skin drier.

• Shower with lukewarm water & no longer than 10 minutes

• Use oily bath products

• Oil yourself immediately after showering

• Drink enough water

• Use a natural, moisturizing serum with our oils

• Make sure your interior doesn't get too dry. For example, use a humidifier.

• Avoid direct sunlight. This leads to more dryness & cracks on the skin.

• Use UV protection SPF 50, even in bad weather

• Wear a hat when the sun is strong

• Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins

• Avoid nicotine & alcohol

• Try to eat as alkaline and non-acidic a diet as possible

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As always, be sure to apply all of our oils to damp skin or with a moisturizing serum to create a water-oil emulsion. This allows the nutrients and vitamins to penetrate deeper into the other layers of your skin and your skin is moisturized at the same time.

Daily facial care

No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil

Our No. You can apply 5 Deep Repair Face Oil to your moistened skin every day, immediately after cleansing. Our Deep Repair Face Oil has a cell-regenerating effect thanks to the myrrh, frankincense and apricot kernel oils it contains and strengthens your skin barrier thanks to its many vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, so that your skin is better protected against dehydration.

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Daily eye care

No. 9 Activating Eye Oil

Especially in the eye area, small eye wrinkles can quickly appear in dehydrated skin due to the thin and sensitive skin layer. Gentle but very intensive care helps here. Thanks to the high proportion of morina seed and pomegranate seed oils, our No. 9 Activating Eye Oil strongly cell-regenerating, promotes the skin's own collagen synthesis and thus intensively counteracts wrinkles. It is rich in vitamins, so your skin barrier is strengthened and dehydrated skin is effectively supported in its regeneration.

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Daily personal care

No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil

Our No. 4 Detoxifying Body Oil has a powerfully strengthening and cell-regenerating effect on your dehydrated skin. Thanks to its many vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, it brings your acid mantle (hydrolipid mantle) back into a healthy balance so that your skin can store and bind moisture well again. It's best to massage it gently onto your moistened skin every day after your shower.

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No. 5 Deep Repair Face Oil

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We'll tell you more about dehydrated skin, which often occurs in the cold winter months, in our blog post: Winter skin - 5 tips against dry skin .